Why the smart money cruises in September and October

There are two great truisms in life. The first being that ‘you don’t get rich by paying more than you have to’. The second is ‘you don’t get the best experience by following the crowd – take the road less travelled’. This is why the ‘smart money’ chooses to cruise in September and October, especially around the islands of the eastern Mediterranean.  

It’s a lovely time of year. The weather is settled – it’s just that little bit cooler and more comfortable, and the seas tend to be calm as the risk of summer storms has gone. At the same time, the sea has had the summer sun shining on it for months on end and the waters are at their warmest – ideal for a plunge off the side of a boat.  

Perhaps best of all, there are no crowds. All across Europe the schools are back so there are very few children around. Not that we dislike children – we’re family people ourselves, but even we find other people’s can be a bit disruptive!  

In general, early autumn is a great time for ‘empty nesters’ and older people to cruise. Wake up slowly in a new harbour, take a morning coffee in a quayside café, go and see the local sights in comparative peace, find a quiet table for lunch, then cruise to the next port of call in time for a cocktail on deck whilst deciding which waterfront taverna will get your custom for dinner.  

Next day, simply repeat. The possibilities are endless, and you can plan your itinerary alternating between the notable island destinations with ruins and relics, and off the beaten track hidden and authentic Greece – truly the road less travelled. 

Of course, the first truism must also be borne in mind. This is low season and that means low season prices, and shop around as there will always be a deal to be done. Better still let us shop around for you – we have an amazing portfolio of vessels large and small and, with our intimate knowledge of Greek waters, we can help you plan that dream itinerary perfectly. 


Our company was created from the founders’ love for their country and their passion and respect for the sea. The sea has brought immense and immeasurable pleasure and lessons in our life and collectively we possess over half a century of cruising experience in Greece, embracing both yacht building and nautical tourism niches.




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