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Contributing to a better environment and society has always been important, yet now we feel there is a pressing need to address these issues, particularly the environmental ones. The sea with its immense beauty, tranquil and lively energies, has been our passion and our direct provider even before birth. After all, we are Greeks and our forefathers have been seamen for generations.

“People protect what they love” – Jacque-Yves Cousteau

We find it of extreme importance to give back some love and respect for all the special moments the liquid god (sea) has offered us and our cherished clients for so many years.

This is how MALU FOUNDATION (Marine Life Unspoiled) was created.

Our vision is to contribute exponentially to marine and sea life conservation projects.

Sustainability Impact

ity impact under their corporate values as well as eco-friendly luxury yachts. ***TALK ABOUT ECO FRIENDLY YACHTS? 

Indicatively, we have been involved at Variety Cruises’ initiative, Variety Cares, to protect our seas and our visited destinations. From collecting ocean plastic and cleaning beaches to endorsing Variety Cruises in their upcoming sustainability campaigns. 

Assuming you would be rather interested in booking a yacht charter in Greece with a sustainable impact, supporting a good cause and mostly cruising with restrained fuel emissions, contact GYC and let us find the ultimate match for your tailor-made voyage around the Greek Islands. 

United Nations Carbon-Free & Sustainability Treaties 

Furthermore, numerous organisations integrate a percentage into their charter pricing packets due to the offsetting of “ carbon-emissions-concept”  generated while chartering. Thus, the “carbon-credits purchased” will eventually be absorbed into green project campaigns, such as establishing carbon-free electricity farms i.e. with solar panels, wind farms, tree planting etc. 

Let GYC know whether you are interested in booking a yacht supporting the green initiative project.

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