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‘We are passionate about the sea – it is our heritage, our life, our and our forefathers’ livelihoods, and our greatest delight.’

Let us plan your cruise and we will share with you pristine beautiful beaches washed by translucent waters and islands surrounded by the Aegean, famously describer by Homer as ‘the wine dark sea’. We would love to keep it that way.

The Two Faces Of Tourism

Sadly, you will also see beaches that are not so pristine, polluted by the plastic flotsam and jetsam that has accumulated over the years. It has become apparent that tourism has two faces. In one respect our natural resources are Greece’s greatest asset, and we need tourism to survive. Yet irresponsible tourism and the irresponsible mentality of other industries are threatening to choke our shores and marine life alike.

Working Towards Marine Sustainability

We believe that, as the same time as seeing what is right with the world, it is important to also see what is wrong – and then take whatever remedial actions are within our means. Our seas and our shores need gatekeepers, and it is important that our business, and others, take on the role.

It’s a long journey and, unlike Zeus, we cannot hurl thunderbolts to make people sit up, take notice and change their ways. Although still a dream, we envision the yachting and small cruise ships industries significantly more sustainable than they currently are. In an effort to make the dream become reality we bring our persuasive powers to bear where we can, endeavoring to ensure:

  • Captain and crew on the vessels we work with are conscious of the importance of sustainability
  • We request that they pursue a practice of eliminating single-use plastic
  • In particular we ask that they provide refillable metal water bottles for guests use

These may be small first steps, but they are vital ones in both starting to reverse the problem and changing the mindset of the tourist industry.

You Can Play An Active Part

‘The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.’ Robert Swan, Author

Increasingly many of our guests wish to take affirmative action to help the environment. In this case, within your cruising itinerary, we will be extremely happy to arrange an hour or two to a ‘beach clean-up’ whereby the Captain drops anchor and guests and crew go ashore to collect rubbish from the beach. This is then bagged and disposed of properly at the next port of call.

Guests who participate are awarded with our special ‘Friendship for a Sustainable Sea’ certificate.

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