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Sailing Yachts

Are you looking for an adventure? Sailing exudes passion, many never go back after experiencing the comforting silence under way and being so close to nature. The wind and the ocean breeze will rejuvenate and unlock your senses.

That is the beauty of sailing. Sailing Yachts are classically architectured monohulls propelled mainly under sails.

Even though they can vary by region and maritime culture, modern Sailing Yachts do encompas motor power. Traditionally, Sailing Yachts were characterized by their minimalism and simplicity. Nowadays, the gap between Motor and Sailing Yachts has shrunk, where Sailing can provide unrivalled luxury, ample space and amenities onboard.

Sailing onboard a crewed sail boat gives you the idea of escape. You will love the serenity and tranquility of listening only to the wind and ocean, no motor on, but also to discover and learn new skills and feel liberated as the master of your own ship. Everyday will evolve into a new exploration, a different adventure depending on the winds and discovering secluded landscapes and cruising to hidden coves.

We at GYC understand that dedicating time to yourself and your loved ones is extremely important, while acquiring new skills and awakening new passions is ultimately rewarding. Therefore we invite you to dream of your sail yacht experience and allow us to organize this wonderous escape exploring the beauty of the Greek Islands.


Hire a catamaran in Greece and experience the thrill of sailing a multi-hulled craft that is more stable than a conventional sail yacht due to its wide beam. This is also the reason for it to be a more comfortable option, especially for those who aren’t avid sailors but appreciate the thrill of being in tune with nature. Choose between one of our astonishing catamarans and understand why it is that sailors come back to the magical Greek islands again and again


Crewed Motor Yachts

Endless comfort, unrivalled luxury and great performance await onboard your private motor yacht charter in Greece. Whether you are looking for a floating boutique-home-at-sea with plush living areas, endless comfort and modern contemporary spaces or find cruising with great speed and engine performance most important, we will introduce you to the finest motor yachts in Greece that encompass a wide variety of amenities and facilities onboard.

Charting a motor yacht secures quicker hopping from one of the Greek islands to another due to engine speed facilitating navigation routes and accessibility to more secluded spots due to their shallow draft. Motor Yachts welcome you onboard tranquil cruising and pleasant feeling al-mare, whereas they induce with their at anchor and underway stabilizers an exclusive home at sea sensation.

Crewed Motor Sailers

Has it happened to you to see a motor sailer somewhere, a wooden two or three-masted sailing vessel, and immediately fall in love? Motor sailers are enticing in that way!

Motor sailers offer ‘down to earth’ comfort and great fun for all guests. These classical sail yachts, unlike conventional sailing yachts, offer comparably more spacious accommodations and lots more deck space for sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying alfresco dinners. These yachts will sail, yet the motor is mostly used for passages when the wind is light or not favourable. They are ideal for those who find peace in the delights of sailing and at the same time don’t want to lose the comforts of a more spacious yacht.

Chartering a motor sailer is a perfect choice for exploring the Dodecanese, Cycladic, Sporades or Saronic Gulf Arquipelagos as they exert lower fuel consumption than their motor counterparts.

Motor sailers are perfect choices for any occasion and group that is looking for an unforgettable sailing experience in Greece.

Mega Yachts

Mega yachts are usually called those yachts larger than 50 meters. A 50m+ mega yacht charter can offer an experience beyond any other.

Whether you are one who prefers modern lines and are looking for a vessel that can offer lots of onboard activities or you want a robust, classical boat to take you to your preferred destinations, we are more than honoured to help plan your perfect charter yacht holiday.

Sophisticated interior design and enormous amount of internal and external spaces for relaxing, dining, lounging in style, not to mention the pampering of your own personal highly experienced and awarded chef and incomparable personalized service are some of the perks of chartering a mega yacht.

Nothing excites us more than organizing all aspects of an intimate or larger group gathering onboard a mega yacht to explore Greek islands in unsurpassable luxury and style.

Yachts over 12 passengers

It is more and more common for world travellers to want to explore the world with a relatively larger group of their most cherished friends and family. Be it a family celebration, a group of friends gathering, an alumni trip or a themed group of any type, we specialize in the chartering of mega yachts and small ships for over 12 passengers.

Most charter yachts have a protocol of up to 12 sleeping guests, hence the smaller number of yachts available for hire for groups.

Thinking of a yacht charter for 30 guests? No problem! We are proud to be able to offer a complete range of services to groups, be they before, during or after their yacht charter in Greece. We are happy to co develop and offer carefully planned itineraries and meal specifications, transfer services to and from yachts and pre/post stays in hotels or villas in Athens or any of the Greek islands.

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