Exquisite Local Knowledge with Global Service – the Perfect Partnership. 

Choosing a name for our business was simple. We wanted to help overseas visitors to ‘explore Greece’. So that was the name we chose – we’re proud of our lands and seas and islands, both the coastlines and the interiors. 

The service we deliver is based on ‘exquisite local knowledge’ from a team of seasoned travel and tourism professionals with well over 100 years of experience. Between us we have sailed right around the coastline, visited all of the islands, moored-up at the harbours and discovered the local specialities at more waterfront tavernas than most people can imagine (it was, and still is, a favourite pastime). 

Being Greek of course, we are well versed in all the myths from ancient times, and we’ve visited every legendary relic and ruin. Not only that, we know the best times to visit, how to avoid the queues and therefore make the best use of the tourist day. When we plan sightseeing itineraries, people are often amazed at just how close together many of the great sites are. 

Ancient deities aside, as a nationality we are also steeped in Christianity. We can show you where St. Paul spoke to the Corinthians (then later show you the Corinth Canal!). We can take you to the wonderful monasteries at Meteora (where the people are known as ‘Meteorites’!) We’ll escort you to the Cave of the Apocalypse on Patmos, where St. John is said to have written the Book of Revelations. We’ve probably visited as many churches as we have tavernas. 

Meteora and Patmos are both UNESCO World Heritage sites – in total Greece has 18 such sites and we know them all intimately. They are the obvious ‘must see’ tourist destinations and they are truly wonderous.  

But we also know ‘the roads less travelled’. We love to go off the beaten track to the back of beyond and explore there too. For those who have a sense of adventure we have caves and lakes, white waters and mountain paths to experience, all wrapped up in the ambience of authentic old inland Greek villages where the tavernas serve local wines, cheese and pastries made with honey.  

We know and love Greece and our local knowledge is second to none. Most of all we’d love to show you Greece – let us be your boots on the ground and work in perfect partnership.  


Our company was created from the founders’ love for their country and their passion and respect for the sea. The sea has brought immense and immeasurable pleasure and lessons in our life and collectively we possess over half a century of cruising experience in Greece, embracing both yacht building and nautical tourism niches.




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