Our Charitable Activities Thru’ Summer 2022

As the summer season starts, we always look back and look forward, reviewing what we achieved in the previous 12 months and envisioning what we hope to achieve in the coming year. Being very focused on pro-bono work we especially consider our charitable activities, what good we have done and what good we hope to do moving forward. In 2022 we will be continuing and expanding our support in two areas that are particularly dear to our hearts.


The ability to travel freely and in peace is part of our DNA and we share the pain of those who are oppressed anywhere in the world. This year our thoughts are particularly with those in or from the Ukraine. Along with our partners and suppliers we are actively engaging with and support the Ukrainian community in Greece in bringing refugees across our borders to provide a safe home and the opportunity for employment.


MALU stands for ‘Marine Life Unspoiled’ and the foundation’s vision is to exponentially support marine conservation. The sea is our livelihood, and we believe humankind has to exist in a symbiotic relationship with the beaches and waters around our shores, and the sea life that lives there. Currently we see this as being out of balance with a requirement for those who use this wonderful natural resource – tourists and tour operators alike – to take more responsibility to its care.

For more information see https://www.greeceyachtscharters.com/about-us/our-vision/


In 2022 we will also be supporting The Young Executives Shipping Forum here in Greece. This wonderful organisation is dedicated to bringing together young executives and students from across the marine sector to support their education into all aspects of sea tourism and shipping. With a diverse advisory board that includes senior industry executives, university professors and opinion formers it is a think tank for discussing and exchanging ideas on future-facing issues that affect the seas and coastlines around our islands and mainland.

In general, we strongly believe that young people are the future – it is our duty to teach them so they can teach the world.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a happy and charitable 2022. We hope you join us as guests on one of our marvellous vessels sometime this summer.



Our company was created from the founders’ love for their country and their passion and respect for the sea. The sea has brought immense and immeasurable pleasure and lessons in our life and collectively we possess over half a century of cruising experience in Greece, embracing both yacht building and nautical tourism niches.




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