Chartering the Yacht of your dreams and owning the exclusive sensation of luxury, privacy and independence awaits for you onboard your tailor-made yacht charter experience in Greece. Indulge yourself in the beauty of the Greek Island Waters and enjoy lush life al-mare in endless luxury, comfort, concierge services and wide range of amenities.

What do the Rates Include when renting a private yacht Charter?

When booking your private yacht charter, you will come across mainly two fundamental categories when it comes to Charter Rates: all-inclusive or either separated, extra charges.

All-inclusive Charter Rates are less common in the yacht charter industry and can be found usually when booking a charter with a cruising company or an agency working mainly with organized cruising itineraries. In this manner, as your charter agent, we mostly present you with a separate – extra charge charter rate scheme, where all levels of communications are aligned to provide you with the best exclusive offer.

  • All-Inclusive Charter Rates contain a fixed rate which should be explained in the rate description into depth. Normally, this can include food, beverages, fuel expenses and recreational amenities, such as water sport equipment onboard.
  • The Itemized – Separate Expenses System is the one charter rate scheme we deal mostly in our industry.Initially, there is a fixed price provided by the yacht owner or agency as a base charter fee to rent the yacht, often with hostess or/and crew included, followed by taxes and an additional charge for extras through an Advance Provisional Allowance, known as APA.The APA is ought to be paid before the charter voyage, usually a 25 – 40 % surcharge on the yacht charter fee. The Itemized Expenses Scheme is an outcome of providing customized, tailor-made itineraries and yacht charter experiences, exclusively selected for your ultimate private holiday onboard the charter yacht type of your dreams.

Extra costs to consider while booking a yacht

According to your charter yacht type and the agreement presented to you, additional expenses will certainly occur and ought to be considered when booking a charter vacation.

Docking fees, insurance, food and beverages, taxes and fuel for engines and generators usage are usually not included into the arranged charter fee. These costs can extend from one third of the fixed charter rate and higher.

Crew gratuities are initially not scheduled into the charter or extras rate proposed, which can range from 15 to 20 % on the yacht charter fee.