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Located at the Aegean archipelago, Mykonos prevails as the heart of the Cyclades Island Complex as the most prominent and expensive Island in Greece, captivating for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and vivid nightlife, sublime beaches and hedonistic indulgences.

The vibrant energy of this island invites you to revel in bars and restaurants, hosting ample cultural events, festivals and parties. Mykonos is a top destination for an exciting charter itinerary or a summer weekend of fun and hedonistic escape. Meanwhile, for all the fame and glamour the Island boasts, it also possesses unrivalled natural beauty, traditional Greek atmosphere as well as secluded ambient locations. Mykonos offers you the perfect blend of busy glamorous events and beaches, but also tranquil and beautiful secluded coves to anchor for a rather more relaxing charter retreat.

The worldwide famous Island was discovered by bohemian travellers in the late 1960’s developing through the years as one of the top and most famous party islands around the globe. Not only it attracts the celebrities and richest of the world, it undoubtedly exists as a top superyacht destination with its glamorous lifestyle.

Make sure to stroll around the main town Chora, adorned with all whitewashed traditional cubic houses, wooden colored doors, windows and balconies. A truly unique cycladic architecture, preserved throughout the years, narrow stone alleys forming a labyrinth where purple bougainvillea contrasts with the bright white of the buildings’ walls.

A plethora of shops and boutiques, stylish bars and al fresco restaurants are located among the alleys will keep you occupied as you get lost, searching for the waterfront, Little Venice. One of the most popular locations on the island, the one you know from photographs, is Little Venice with luxurious bar and restaurant lines, directly by the water. As you wander further up at the beginning of the slope of the road, you notice the five renowned hill-top windmills hovering on the skyline.

Sights On The Island

The ancient Mykonians developed a great culture and in fact one of the earliest amphoras of ancient times was found on the island. It is known as the Mykonos vase. Mykonos itself benefited a lot from its vicinity to the sacred island of Delos, according to the legend the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

In 1207, like the rest of the Cyclades, Mykonos came under Venetian rule. In 1537 the Turks took over. In the 19th century, during the Greek war of independence the inhabitants of the island played an important role: they were great sailors and provided 22 ships including 500 members of crew and 140 canons.


The capital Mykonos Town, called Chora by the locals, is a typical Cycladic village. It has whitewashed cubic houses with wooden coloured doors, windows and balconies. The narrow streets are forming a labyrinth where purple bougainvillea contrast with the bright white of the buildings’ walls.

History At A Glance

The heart of Mykonos Town is closed to traffic during most of the day. Like this the visitor can fully enjoy the place with its numerous cafes & restaurants, chic boutiques, art galleries, souvenir and fine jewellery shops. The famous whitewashed windmills, trademark of the island, are standing on a hill overlooking the old town. From there you have magnificent views to Little Venice which is one of the most beautiful areas of Mykonos Town. It is a kind of peninsula made up of two-storey Venetian houses lining the seafront. They are of extremely bright colours, built very close one to another with coloured wooden porches and balconies. Many trendy cafes and bars are located in Little Venice which becomes very lively especially during night time.

Ano Mera is the only inland settlement of the island with an impressive monastery from the 6th century. Moni Panagias Tourlianis pride is a wooden iconostasis carved in Florence in the late 1700s.

The sacred island of Delos is around 2.5 nautical miles to the west of Mykonos. The Cyclades take their name by encircling this island (kyklos=circle). Delos has a very interesting history and reached its height during Hellenistic times. During this period it was one of the most important religious centres of Greece and a flourishing centre of commerce. Today it is the largest archaeological site in Europe and open to the public. You can walk on the old streets getting an impression of the outlines of an ancient town. Highlight is the famous lions terrace and the impressive museum.


Most of the beaches on the island are crowded, especially during the summer season. One of the closest beaches to Mykonos Town is Agios Stephanos, located one kilometre north of the New Port in Tourlos. It is protected from the winds and offers various water sports facilities as well as some taverns and bars. The most famous beaches on the island are in the South, these are for example the party beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise.

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