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The southwestern most island of the Cyclades Milos is, these days, something of a backwater. It’s a volcanic island and the beaches (there are over 40 of them) are drop-dead mind-bogglingly gorgeous – lunar landscapes with glittering white rocks and sands washed by turquoise waters. It’s rather what you’d expect to find in the metaverse.  

The cliffs and caves at Kleftiko on the south side of the island are particularly stunning. Regular Greek travellers may know Kleftiko as a signature Greek dish of mouth-wateringly tender slow cooked lamb. To avoid confusion the work ‘kleftiko’ meaning stolen – perhaps it’s no coincidence these hidden bays were the haunt of Aegean pirates (or Klephts) in bygone days. 

For all that it is off the beaten track the island has a major claim to fame as the birthplace the statue of the Venus de Milo (there’s a clue there in the name!) now in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Similarly, the Asclepius of Milos, the marble head of a colossal statue of the son of Apollo and Greek God of medicine, is now in the British museum. 

All we can conclude is that in times past Milos was a destination on the itinerary of the great and the good. Certainly, settlement here dates back to antiquity. It’s a fascinating place and a fair size with a land mass of 160km² situated around an enormous horseshoe shaped bay, but a population of less than 5,000.  Nestled into the bay in a very sheltered spot the town of Adamantas is the main harbour and transport hub, although there is a small airport taking internal flights. There are any number of small fishing villages dotted around the coastline. 

Our recommendation: Milos is a fascinating and beautiful place very much worthy of being rediscovered. If you’re sailing in this area there are at least three places it’s well worth dropping anchor and exploring. If you’re island hopping by ferry it’s probably good for at least 3 days and nights on the beach and sightseeing. 

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