Saronic Islands & Argosaronic Gulf

Welcome to the Saronic Islands the precious gems scattered off the east shoreline of the Peloponnese, an ultimately beloved destination due to their close proximity to Athens, but also their distinct unspoilt natural beauty, crystalline sapphire waters, aristocratic and tranquil atmosphere as well as inevitably impressive architecture.

Extending in the Argolic and Saronic Gulf, the islands become rather populated throughout the summer season and belong to the top beloved destinations for sailing and yacht chartering itineraries due to their awe-inspiring energy and nature.

The cosmopolitan Island of Hydra

From the cosmopolitan Island of Hydra, renowned for its idyllic architecture attracting many artists and celebrities, the aristocratic island of Spetses, the lush green island of Agistri, up to the undeniably picturesque island of Poros as well as the famous island of Aegina, where the famous Greek Pistachios grow, the Saronic Islands prevail as an ideal destination to revive an authentic Greek Summer sensation. No matter whether you prefer visiting one or organizing a cruise route among the Saronic Islands, you will be seduced by their uniqueness and serene aura.

Untouched natural beauty

Combining sheer, untouched natural beauty with extinguish spots to discover for swimming, diving and exploration, all the Saronic Islands possess unrivalled charisma and finesse to keep you occupied while visiting.

Deviating from the rather barren Athenian landscape, away from the city buzz, the Saronic Islands illustrate an exclusive choice for charterers seeking a blend of cosmopolitan as well as relaxing atmosphere, idyllic landscapes and an ample variety of hidden coves and bays to enjoy the emerald waters, as well as plenty of culinary and cultural amenities to entertain.

Their beauty still remains not only in their iconic landscape, architecture and nature, but also in their authentic presence being maintained untouched from vast tourism, they will transcend you into a romantic, different era.