Ionian Islands

Welcome to the Emerald Gems of the Ionian archipelago! The beautiful Ionian Islands, a Greek Island complex encompassing the most idyllic islands with unspoilt natural beauty and crystal clear emerald waters. The Ionian island arquipelago is scattered off the western coastline of Greece, comprising 7 main islands, islets and smaller islands as well.

Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Paxos Island represent the seven main renowned islands of the Ionian complex, whereas Antipaxi, Antikythera, Ereikousa, Othonoi, Mathraki, Othonoi, Strofades and Meganisi complete the cluster of the rather more quiet islands.

Most beloved sailing and cruising destinations worldwide

The Ionian Islands complex undoubtedly belongs amongst the most beloved sailing and cruising destinations worldwide, combining serenity in lush green landscapes, transparent waters and finger licking food, providing the perfect setup for your yacht charter vacation in Greece.

The unrivalled beauty of the Ionian Island landscape will mesmerise you with its unexplored jewels, the breath taking nature and uniquely crystal waters, where you will feel like floating on a transparent turquoise paradise. The sheltered coves, idyllic sea caves, many unexplored bays and spots to revive your senses as well as to enjoy endless swimming stops throughout your private yacht itinerary. In-between Zante, Zakynthos and Paxi Islands you may come across two local protected species, the Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtle and the Monachus Monachus monk seal. In Zakynthos protected marine park areas are preserved in order to ensure the animals’ tranquil life biosphere remains untouched.

Ionian Sea

Once you will experience the beauty of the Ionian Sea, you will adore discovering it.
Precisely why the Ionian Islands have gained their heritage as the paradise on earth having attracted many poets, artists and civilizations throughout ancient times.
Most of the Ionian Islands have lived for centuries under Venetian rule, whereas not only the Italian, but also French and British occupiers have left their imprint on the distinct Ionian architecture, cuisine and culture with medieval castles, churches and lush green vegetation with pines, olive forests and vineyards.
Undeniably you have caught a glimpse of the celebrated, paradise like Ionian Beaches. Most likely, you may have noticed a cart postal with a shipwreck located at the heart of an idyllic sandy beach surrounded by imposing rocky cliffs and an old monastery built on top of the mountain cliffs overlooking the beauty of the bay. This is one of the most renowned bays among the Ionian Islands, known as the “ Navagio” beach, meaning Shipwreck in Greek, which you can visit in Zante, Zakynthos Island.
The Ionian islands invite you onboard a myriad of myths and unrivalled traditions to revive, as they offer you the ultimate layout for your exclusive culinary and recreational yacht charter voyage. The Ionian Sea attracts all kinds of travellers, but especially adventurers looking for a balance between serene and active journey, setting up the perfect layout for sailing with ideal weather conditions.