Dodecanese Islands

Cruising around the Dodecanese Islands you will fall in love with the variety of beauty, the romantic energy and their mystical ambience, the imposing barren nature but also lush green vegetation, from Butterfly Valleys to medieval castles, but also crystalline azure unique waters and mountain top built idyllic towns.

Hidden pearls

Welcome to the hidden pearls scattered off the southeastern Aegean Sea, located between the Cycladic area and Turkey, the Dodecanese Islands. Establishing a bridge between Europe and East, the Dodecanese Cluster encompasses the famous islands of Rhodes and Kos, Karpathos, Astypalea and Kalymnos, but also the beautiful smaller islands of Patmos, Chalki, Kasos, Kastelloriso, Leispoi, Leros, Nisyros, Symi and Tilos.
Worldwide known for their fertile and sunny climate, their aristocracy and romance but also sheer unspoilt natural beauty, the Dodecanese Island Cluster literally translates into twelve main islands, though it is enriched by many uninhabited islets and smaller islands to revive.

The sunniest part of Greece

Renowned as the sunniest part of Greece, the Dodecanese Islands impose awe-inspiring beauty, unspoilt and breathtaking atmosphere, with iconic beaches and unexplored islets with sapphire crystal clear waters, ancient archeological sites, idyllic mountain built cities and medieval towns.

Indicatively, the Dodecanese Islands illustrate the ultimate blend of serenity and relaxation as well as cosmopolitan buzz and vivid nightlife for those who seek it.
They invite you into a marvelous yacht charter itinerary voyage to revive unexplored gems and authentic Greek culture and summer experience. You can rejuvenate your senses cruising in tranquil sapphire waters but also dive into a myriad of adventures and recreational activities, remarkable culinary and cultural delights among the wide islands located in the complex.

Cultural treasures

Throughout the cultural treasures and imprints left behind from ancient Greek civilization, the Dodecanese complex hosts a variety of amenities and archeological sites, medieval castles and old cities to discover, emanating from Ionian, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman and Italian presence in the area.

No matter which kind of vacation type and idea attracts you as a traveller, when visiting the Dodecanese complex you will undoubtedly retrieve the ideal places and islands to discover and learn new passions, habits as well as to share life milestone memories with your beloved ones, to make you smile forever.